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Quotes on Inventors'Day/National Inventors' Day.

Hi friends., National Inventors' Day celebrates the genius behind design.  This date was chosen in honor of the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison. On January 13, 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared February 11 as National Inventors' Day Let's share the Beutiful Quotes Of Inventors' Day and Celebrate the Day of Innovative Minds who makes our Life Easy, and joyful. ‌“To understand is to invent.”  — Jean Piaget “Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried”  – Thomas Jefferson “All creation is a mine, and every man a miner. The whole earth, and all within it, upon it, and round about it, including himself … are the infinitely various “leads” from which, man, from the first, was to dig out his destiny.”  — Abraham Lincoln “No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”  – Edward Hopper ‌“An invention that is quickly accepted will turn out to be a rather trivial alteration of something that has already existed.” 

Holi whishes/ beautiful holi festival wallpapers and quotes with great colourful thoughts/ all time fresh holi whishes

Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival which is full of colours joy and's festival of understanding and love for each other Spread the colours and joy with Devine colourful festival with beautiful quotes with famous thoughts Have great and colourful year, Happy Holi.. “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde “If light is the spiritual quality of painting, color is surely its heart and passion.” – Robert Reynolds “Color could give rise to sensations which would interfere with our conception of space.” – Georges Braque “The rhythm of relations of color and size makes the absolute appear in the relativity of time and space.”  – Piet Mondrian l “Color is uncontainable. It effortlessly reveals the limits of language and evades our best attempts to impose a rational order on it… To work with color is to become acutely aware of the in