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Motivational Quotes by Stay Positive Stay Happy#My Words

Hi Friends, I'm Really Happy to bring you first collection of my own motivational quotes with the help of this Beautiful platform. There are always my best wishes behind all quotes which I'm posting on my page that u may admire and change your way of thinking about the situation comes around you in your life. I hope you will put your maximum afforts to bring positivity in your life just for yourself , Because positivity will makes the life simply beautiful. It may be not that much easy to change behaviour in such way but I insist to change the perception about problems and I am sure that you may find real power of positivity as im experiencing many times.  All my quotes are based on my real life Experience, and I hope you will admire.  Stay connected... "Suggestions are statement of experience, You can accept or ignore that,  But atleast once you should think on that." "The biggest gift now a days is, give your time and attention to your b