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Motivational Quotes by Stay Positive Stay Happy#My Words

Hi Friends,

I'm Really Happy to bring you first collection of my own motivational quotes with the help of this Beautiful platform.

There are always my best wishes behind all quotes which I'm posting on my page that u may admire and change your way of thinking about the situation comes around you in your life.

I hope you will put your maximum afforts to bring positivity in your life just for yourself , Because positivity will makes the life simply beautiful.

It may be not that much easy to change behaviour in such way but I insist to change the perception about problems and I am sure that you may find real power of positivity as im experiencing many times. 

All my quotes are based on my real life Experience, and I hope you will admire. 

Stay connected...

"Suggestions are statement of experience,
You can accept or ignore that, 
But atleast once you should think on that."

"The biggest gift now a days is, give your time and attention to your best buddies."

"Process your Thoughts, visualize your Dreams, and Create your Own world."

"The most amazing way to solve the Problem is, 
Stay away from that problem."

"Forget the past
Engage in Presence
Believe in Future....

Simply live with your Happiness..

" All the opportunities are there for you.
Start a good day"

"All the problems get resolved, from the moments we stop expecting from others."

"You are the most powerful person in the WORLD,
If you have control on your own thoughts.

"NEVER regret for your decision as you were witness of that situation..
Live your life without apology and don't look back."

" You Feel HAPPY Even Through You Are Alone..,

It Is Because You Know, 
Your Own People are with you."

"Sacrifices are of course painful but there is a strong LOVE behind"

"Success is the physical Appearance of an Open Eye Dreams

Feel it, Live it and Follow it."

"Some beautiful destinies are waiting only for you, and that's why walking ALONE is good"

"Attempt one more time, Give yourself one more chance
Afterall,final solution is always giving up,
But till than,let's make ourselves bit more confident."

"Obstacles are an Opportunity, When you overcome them on your own,
It Gives you immense happiness for being strong."

"A thought may change nothing, an action may change something 
But the strong determination can change everything"

"Endeavor against odds or Difficulties are only possible
 when you will confirm it by your own confidence"

"Life is about what you wants and what makes you what you love."

"Your good work may not give you immediate results,
But believe it, you will revert back with interest"

"Be grateful to people who made you fail, as they are important reason for your success."

"Time doesn't heal anything it just teaches us how to live with that pain"

"If once you loose your support, you will be hurt, but if you survive on your own, you will realise your strength, you don't need anyone anymore"

"You just start your action, the invisible power will support you and that is your confidence"

"when You Find Change Inside,
You will Find The Better World Outside"

"Life is too short..!! And list is too long..!!
Effectuate your whishes from NOW.

"Degrees and progression are never certified your greatness...
To get respect and prestige from others, your ATTITUDE matters a lot"

"Prepared for the opportunities because one day opportunities 
will come and you will not be ready for it"

"Good Relations are never get Die Naturally, they are get Murdered by Attitude, 
Ego and Behavior.

Better to Protect Your Relations which may be the most Precious Assets." 

"Stop complaining about the situations which actually you don't wants to change"

"If u believe everything is destiny and if you believe everything is designed, 
but life is neither destiny nor designed,
 it's only what you believe
Happy living"

"Problems are few but so much are there for feel grateful,"
lets count instead of taking stress, life is beautiful.

"one who hurts you most, will be the reason first of  your success"

"Independency is the STRONGEST reason for live your life happily"

"Maturity not comes from look,
It comes from experience and attitude"

"Expectations help you to achieve your dreams but do not allow them to spoil your present,
Keep some feelings of satisfaction with you, it will invite unexpected happiness in your life"

"Everything is Okay but giving up should not be an option"

"Lost in past teach us how to make error free future

"If someone take care of you 
Believe, you are lucky one."

"The only friend who will remain with you till the end of your life"

"Look at sky and enjoy your success,
 But don't forget the platform from where you have started"

I hope you like my quotes, keep sharing the Positive thoughts and stay connected..

Stay Positive Stay Happy..👍😊


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